Monday, 28 September 2009

Guest Egg: Surprise Nutrition

What is going on here? Pesto and ice cream? Guacamole and ... ice cream? No!

“NYC 2008 x2 [part 1]: Fine breakfast eggs at The Smith, in the East Village. 3 poached eggs on potato waffles w/ spinach sauce. WOWZER!”

This is taking it to another level. Courtesy of Scott and Lucy. Thank you! More to come from them soon...

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Saturday, 19 September 2009

GUEST EGG: Danish Gravy Egg!

Danish egg madness:

And under:

Truly a people after my own heart. From Sam:

“Snuggled beneath the egg is a substantial meat brick LITERALLY SLATHERED IN GRAVY!!!!! The dish was accompanied by a smart salad of cucumbers served by means of a tiny, two tined fork. There was fine Danish beer too. But butter my bacon and call me Odin if the egg wasn't the star of the show.”

Thank you Sam, and Happy Birthday!

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Monday, 14 September 2009

Pheasant Egg? Egg Pheasant!

Fresh shot pheasant.

Then Sam went and put an egg on it.

I have the best friends in all the world.

Special thanks to Charli for providing the fresh farm egg (and pheasant) and everyone else for waiting so long to eat dinner.

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Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Man, my family is sick. They didn't even know about this blog and look what they did to the guacamole! From now on, I'll never make another guacamole without egg surprise in it.
What's weirdest is that I didn't even notice these pieces of egg until we'd eaten most of it, so apologies for the picture of a near-empty bowl. (My stepmom made the guacamole - and the bowl it's served in. Check out those fish!)
Also, I'm connecting on a borrowed computer via a dial-up connection, so more egg madness might have to wait until I am back from holiday on Sunday. In the meantime, please keep sending me your eggs!

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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

GUEST EGG: Yet more noodles...

More noodles, courtesy of Ashley and Joe. This is pretty fantastic. They seem to have taken their photographs in a mirror to preserve anonymity – either that or the slides are backwards. However, they did seem to want us to know that they are fellow Morrisons shoppers. [PS: I just discovered this on the Morrisons website. I wonder if I could convince them to stamp instead of]

Ashley and Joe included the all-important process shot, as well as the extreme egg close-up.

Look at that perfect yolk! Surely this is the best Pot Noodle ever.

Thank you Ashley and Joe! Everyone else, keep the eggs coming...