Sunday, 10 April 2011

Guest Egg: Fake Pizza!

This is what the sender says:
“Egg on a homemade mini-pizza with a WWII U.S. Army fork ... Cilantro-tomato salad with excellent Lambic beer, basil-tomatina with edam as we did not have mozzarella, radiccio-red sweet pepper-apple, Monari Federroni balsamico” [sic]

And here is the pic:

Now, I don’t want to quibble, but that is not a pizza. If you ordered a pizza and someone served that to you, you would be within your rights to complain, or at least summon the chef for some clarification. That is an egg on toast with some strange (though admittedly exciting and probably very delicious) sides.

Still, I am very grateful for the submission, and I would be delighted to receive more “pizzas” like this one.