Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Guest Egg: Prawn Cocktail Bagel!

More guest egg deliciousness: ’70s flashback wizardry!

From Helena: “On Saturday we went to a café for lunch. I had the prawn cocktail bagel: prawns in Marie Rose sauce,* avocado, ground black pepper, and a sliced boiled egg. I’m not sure why they decided to include an egg, but it was delicious.”

Do they ever need a reason to include an egg?!?

Of course not!

Look at that! So weird, so good. If only it were deviled...

Thanks, Helena!

Send more eggs!

*aka, according to Wikipedia, ketchyo, maychup, or ketchanaise. ?!!

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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Guest Mexibreakfastegg!

This looks so good! Courtesy of Dean Martin and his famous friend:

Check it out: restaurant food at home!

Thanks! Keep sending delicious eggs!