Thursday, 20 January 2011

Egg friends? Friendly eggs!

Yes yes yes, friends, happy new year! It has been a most auspicious one so far, though not yet overflowing with eggs for me. However, for our good friends in Bristol, it has been positively eggstatic (eggtastic?). Look at this bounty:

So vibrant. So orange. So many! And here, an egg named after my very own self:

It is all a bit much for me. I must sit down, but since I am already sitting I must recline.

Fear not, this is not the end of PAEOI, nor is it the beginning. It is simply an interlude, while I gather the strength to post the rest of 2010’s glorious eggs and consult the stars to find what 2011 may bring. Hold tight! And in the meantime, put an egg on it!